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Your Business Profile Page

Promote your business profile page to help customers find your business, follow you on social media, and contact you directly.


Your Business Profile Page makes it easy for customers in your area to find all the information they need to contact or reach your business. 

What's included on my page?

All of the relevant, customer-facing information that you've input into the Business Profile tab in your business portal will appear here. Your customers will be able to:

  • Find your location (if you have a physical storefront) and see all locations if you have multiple
  • Read details about your business
  • Contact you via phone or email
  • Follow you on social media
  • See your business photos
  • Access exclusive offers, when available

How will customers find my page?

Be sure to share your page with customers in your area so that they can easily get all of the details they are looking for about your business.

You can copy your link directly from your business portal and share it on your social channels, your website, or add your page.fan link to printed materials in your store. 

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