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Using the Campaign Center

Promote campaigns to accomplish your business goals through your Campaign Center.

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Your Campaign Center is your hub to select, view, and promote campaigns to accomplish your business objectives. No matter the objective, from the Campaign Center tab you can promote a campaign out to Fans in just minutes.

All campaigns are built for different objectives so that you can attract customers, engage them with special offers, and keep them coming back to make repeat purchases from your business. 

Driving Toward Success

Experts say there are 5 things you must do to succeed in a small business today. Through your campaign center, you can do all 5:

  1. Collect and manage a subscriber list.
  2. Attract a first time purchase.
  3. Encourage repeat purchases.
  4. Boost sales with weekly or monthly specials.
  5. Sell your goods and services online.

Each offer type allows you to interact with customers in different periods of their engagement with your business.

Selecting a Campaign

When you arrive in the Campaign Center, you’ll see campaigns available for promotion. These are updated regularly to keep your offers fresh and help you stand out in the minds of customers. 

Each campaign has a label at the top of the card, which denotes the business goal that campaign will help you accomplish. These business goals include:

- Add Fans
- Boost Yield
- One-Time Only
- Encourage Repeat Visits
- Sell Online

Further details are provided for each campaign when clicking on the different campaign cards. 

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After selecting a campaign card, you will choose from the options under the “Select an Offer” dropdown that allow you to configure the campaign based on parameters you want to set for your specific business.

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Understanding a Campaign’s Customer Experience

Each campaign will automatically generate an online customer experience for you to review. 

This customer experience shows your campaign as your customers see it, displaying how they interact with your business. All campaigns include email capture and card registration as essential components of this experience. 

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From your campaign link or QR code, your customer lands on the first screen of the experience. As they move through each step, your business is able to capture more information on that customer along the way, while also deepening your connection with that customer. 

For example, capturing an email address means you’re now able to send customized offers to those local potential customers. Further, customers who link their card to your business are now eligible to earn rewards or redeem special offers each time they purchase from your business. We’ve seen that those who link their card to your business are worth 30% more to you than those who are not linked, so this proves to be a vital step in your relationship with customers.

Try the customer experience at any time by clicking the “Try the Experience” button.

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Promoting Your Campaigns

In the “Promote Campaigns” section of your Campaign Center, you can quickly and easily promote your campaign to new and potential customers. There are three ways you can promote your message:

  • Campaign Link & QR Code - All it takes to promote your campaign is a quick copy/paste onto your website, social pages, into an email, social posts, or printing it out and putting it in your store. Once a customer visits your link, they’re able to learn about your campaign, link their card to your business, and ultimately make a purchase. Sharing your link or QR code is a must to ensure customers are finding your business at all times.
  • Promoting directly through your portal - Automatically share your campaigns on social and via email. Share on Facebook in just a few clicks, or send an email to your subscriber list (Fanbase) with a customized message. 
  • Download and promote - Download and promote your desired campaigns and promote directly by sharing on your social channels, uploading to use in your own email tools, or printing for use in-person/at your store. 

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