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How Customers Enroll

Teach your customers to follow these simple steps to join your program.

Signing up for your personal rewards program takes just a few seconds. Here's how you can direct your customers to enroll:

Step 1) Ask them to visit the displayed link or scan the QR code

  • Not familiar with QR codes? Your phone makes it easy to scan. Simply open your camera on an iPhone or Android and point it at the code - that’s it! (NOTE: Older Android operating systems may require a QR code reader app download.)

Step 2) Tell them to select the offer that most appeals to them - depending on the offer, they may be directed to a second page with more offer details.

Step 3) They’ll enter their details to begin their enrollment.

Step 4) Finally, they’ll add their preferred payment card - and they’re ready to go! 

As a reminder, the reason we ask for the payment card is so that we can automatically track all purchases and reward customers seamlessly.

All fulfillment is handled by Fanbank and your team worries only about handling transactions as they normally would.

Looking for more details to bring you staff up to speed? Check out How to Train Your Staff.

Questions? connect@fanbank.com