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How to Personally Invite Customers to Enroll

Tips on delivering the message directly to customers to get them enrolled in your program.

The most profitable businesses share one thing in common. The owner, managers, and every staff member personally invite customers to join their business’s program. 

Here’s how you can deliver that invite message in a conversation:

“We now have a personal savings and benefits program.” (hand customer a counter card and point to the link or QR code). “Take a few seconds to join, and from that point forward you’ll automatically get savings, free gift cards, and more each time you buy.”

If customer wants to know more about what they will get:

“On all your purchases you’ll receive a benefit back that varies based on when you’re purchasing, your purchase history, and other details specific to you. These benefits can range from cash back to movie tickets, sports gear, and much more - even an opportunity to give back to an organization in the community.”

How do I keep track and take advantage of my benefits?

"After every purchase you’ll receive an email with the benefit you've received and what you can get on your next purchase. Cool, right?"

More pitches:

"Are you taking advantage of our Shop Local Rewards program yet? It recognizes your purchases and gives you more value and savings over time. It takes less than 30 seconds to join!"
"Want a free gift card with your purchase? When you join our personal rewards program, you can save and earn more and more rewards that recognize your value every time you buy."
"Did you know you can get free gift cards, savingsf, and more each time you buy? All it takes is a few seconds for you to scan the QR code here and sign up - then you’re all set to earn rewards!"

Want more tips on how to initiate the conversation with customers? We're constantly working with Fanbank members across the country to find the best formula. Reach out to us at any time with questions.

Unsure of how sign up works? Check out How Customers Enroll to see the quick and easy steps customers take to join your program.

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