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How to Train Your Staff

Be sure to cover the key points your staff needs to know to get customers enrolled in your program. A staff meeting is a great opportunity to relay the details to the team. 

Here are the key points to cover with your staff:

  • We’ve launched a new program to increase profit through personal offers - Customers will receive incentives, ranging from cash back to movie tickets, sports gear, and much more, each time they buy from us. We have all sorts of promotions available through our partner Fanbank, so customers will have the opportunity to receive or win tons of awesome prizes. 
  • It's easy for customers to join - Just point them in the direction of the poster/table tent/handout cards and tell them to enter the URL or scan the QR code to get started. From there, they can see all of our offers and, once they complete their 30 second sign up, they are in. 
  • It's easy to promote - We want to enroll every customer in our program, so you’ll see we’ve put enrollment materials in key places throughout the store. Check out our conversation starters to get customers enrolled.
  • Try it yourself -  See how easy and awesome it is by scanning the QR code and going through the process. It’s important to see the experience our customers will have. 
  • Tracking and fulfillment - You don’t need to do anything when it comes to fulfilling offers. Customers transact as usual and you process them as usual. When their card is swiped, our partner Fanbank will handle the fulfillment of all rewards.
  • If we run out - Let the manager know, we will print out more.
  • If there are questions - Remember that every offer is unique. Direct them to info@fanbank.com with any questions and to get the information they need. 
  • If you ever need more details - We are hanging the staff notice in the break area, so refer back to it for anything you need.

These staff tips will get you and your team on the track to successful enrollments. Take the time now to work with your staff to make a big impact on your business.

Questions? connect@fanbank.com