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Member Campaign Types

Your Campaign Center is built around expert-proven campaign types to help you accomplish your business goals.

Through your Campaign Center, you have the ability to take control of your business. The choice and power belongs to you as the daily business operator. No matter what you want to accomplish, you now have the tools and resources to get there - more quickly and easily than ever before.

The 5 campaign types are built based on expert-proven steps toward creating a sale. For each campaign, an online customer experience is created, no extra staff training is needed, and all fulfillment is handled by Fanbank:

Build Your Fanbase


Build an email subscriber list of customers in your neighborhood with a national sweepstakes offer to help you get more attention from customers in your community. You can add Fans to your email list in a cheaper and easier way than any other tools or platform. Ads are running to gather Fans within days of becoming a Fanbank member. Building your Fanbase is extremely powerful, because once you have Fans you can then promote campaigns directly to them via your Fanbank email tools - bringing you one step closer to creating a sale. 

Connect Customers to Your Business 


As a Fanbank member, you're able to create a deeper connection with customers when they link their payment cards to your business. This connection creates an opportunity for exclusive offers, a seamless and easy customer experience, and no need for tracking or training from your staff. When you set up card linking, your POS is able to seamlessly track all transactions. Claimed offers and rewards are stored on customer cards, and all transactions completed by registered customers will be automatically recognized. For non-card linked members, all of the same capabilities are enabled through receipt capture. Entice new and returning customers to connect to your business with one-time only purchase incentives.

Encourage Repeat Visits


Keep customers coming back to your business with campaigns that promote your rewards program. Customers who connect to your business and buy will automatically earn. With each transaction, customers receive 2% of what they spend in your rewards currency called Fancoins, which they can redeem for awesome freebees through your Fanstore

Sell Offers Online 

Campaign-Types-Sell Online

You have a new way to connect with customers with online-only offers. Customers can now pre-purchase your goods and/or services online and receive a special purchase incentive by doing so. Through your online buying page, customers pre-purchase a credit to your business that is stored on their registered card at the time of the online purchase. They will receive an incentive by claiming that offer in the form of an e-gift card or a discount. Customers have been charged and have made a commitment to make an in-person purchase from you. When the customer redeems their credit from you in-person, Fanbank then reimburses the amount (up to the pre-purchased value) to the customer. No action is necessary from you.


Limited Time Campaigns (Launching September '19)


Want increase traffic to your business with offers that are only available during a certain date range, on a certain day, or at a specific time of day? Control when customers can claim your offers with Limited Time Campaigns. Customers who purchase outside of the set times will not be eligible for these offers, and all tracking of timing of purchases is handled by Fanbank. Offer examples:

    • Labor Day Special with $5 off a $50 purchase when customers buy between August 19th and September 2nd.
    • 10% off during Happy Hour from 3:00-7:00pm
    • A free $25 e-gift card when customers shop on Thursday

On top of your 5 objective-focused campaigns, you can create a custom campaign. Head to your Campaign Center, click the link next to "Want to run a custom campaign?" and build your own quickly and easily.