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How to Promote Your Program in Email: Emailing Your Fanbase

Email marketing is one of the most effective, most affordable, and quickest ways to reach your audience. Customers actually prefer this type of communication over others - 69% of customers want to receive emails from local businesses. 

Your Email Your Fanbase tools are a great resource and require just a few clicks to get a program-focused message into your customers’ inbox. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1) Head to your Campaign Center

Select your campaign and scroll down to the “Email” section, and click “Send an Email.”

Step 2) Select how you’re going to send the email

To email directly from the portal, just click on “Send Email” on this page. If you have your own email tools you’d like to send from, you can download the graphics and copy the text and campaign link directly from here. 

If you are sending an email directly from the portal, proceed to the next step. If using your own tools, you’ve completed your steps.

Step 3) Review or edit the text in the given fields. 

We’ve provided all the necessary messaging for you, but, if you’d like to make edits, this is the time to do so.

Step 4) Send yourself a test

This will go straight to your email inbox. Always be sure to review a test email so you know what your customers will receive. If you’d like to make edits after reviewing the test, make changes and send more tests until you’re satisfied with the message.

Step 5) Send the email!

Once you’re satisfied with the message, click "Send" and "Submit." And that’s it, your message is sent.

Send emails every 7 days to keep the message consistent, fresh, and top-of-mind for your customers. 

Lastly, with Fanbank, your email list is always growing*. But, you also want to be sure to add your own list, so import it to easily send emails to Fans and get them enrolled in your program. 

Questions? connect@fanbank.com 


*Members with paid Facebook ads only

Source: Business2Community