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How to Promote Your Program on Your Social Channels

It's fast and easy to promote your program on your social media channels.

Did you know that the average person spends about 4 hours per day on their phone? And, on top of that, around 2 hours per day of that are spent on social media.

4 out of 10 consumers use social media or review sites to make decisions about which business to choose, so you want to always add your program registration link to your channels with every post. That’s how you’ll turn your regular communication channels into sales channels.

Step 1) Choose the right social channels

Not every social channel will be right for your business.

If you’re a restaurant, salon, local shop, or fitness business, Instagram is the best place to reach your customers - customers are looking for appealing photos from businesses they follow.

For service businesses, Facebook is a great option. 45% of consumers follow Facebook pages of local businesses. 

Step 2) Promote, promote, promote!

We make it easy for you. Head to your business portal and you can promote directly to these channels with just a few clicks. You don’t even have to think twice about it, and there’s tons of content for you, which is key because you’ll be posting regularly and will want to keep the message fresh.

Head to your campaign center and scroll down to the “Social Media” section. Choose your preferred channel.


With Facebook, you can share directly to your pages. First, copy the message, then select “One-Click Share.” This will pop a Facebook sharing window. Paste the message into the body and then select where to share to at the top - if you have a business page, this is the best place so click “Share on a Page You Manage.” 

You can also share a post to your own Newsfeed or Story. 

If you’d prefer, you can download the image and copy the message directly from your portal to post yourself.

When it comes to Facebook, be sure you’re posting at least 3 times per week. Plus, if you want to get ahead of it, Facebook makes it easy for you to schedule posts directly, so you can cover a week’s or multiple weeks’ posts in one sitting. 

Again, you have many offers you can share, so post new ones - all-inclusive of your program link - to keep content and messaging fresh.


For Instagram, you’ll do the same. Just download the image and copy your message to post. Remember, with Instagram you can only post through a mobile device, AND remember that users cannot click a link in the body of a message. So, you’ll want to be sure to copy your link and add it to your account bio. 

On Instagram, it’s recommended to post 3 times per week in your feed and at least once per day on your story to help you increase visibility to customers. 

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