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How to Promote Your Program on Your Website

Your website is a great source of information about your business and the perfect space to promote your program.

Customers spend a lot of time searching for businesses like yours. 75% of customers research a business online before purchasing from them and 27% of customers who hear about a local business offline will check out the website before visiting. Let’s look at how you can turn that research into profit for your business by adding your program link to your website.

Step 1) Make it easy to find on your homepage

Do you have an announcements section? News? Add your program link to these sections on your site so you can promote enrolling in your program without much effort.

Step 2) Add a link to your customized program page in your navigation

You already have a customized page built for your program, so just link to it to get more enrollments.

Step 3) Ask Fanbank for any additional graphics or content you want

Every business’s site is different so let us know what you want in order to promote enrolling in your personal rewards program and we’ll do our best to provide it.

Where do I find my program link?

  • Go to your Campaign Center at business.fanbank.com
  • Click on the card that says “Enroll Customers”
  • Scroll midway down the page and click “Copy link”
  • Then return to your site and paste the link on your page

Questions? connect@fanbank.com 


Source: Business2Community