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How to Promote Your Program on Your Yelp Page

27% of consumers who hear about a local business offline will check out the website before visiting. Yelp is how most customers are likely to find you on Google due to its high search ranking. 

The problem is, Yelp likes to insert itself between you and your customers. But, if you add your program link to your Yelp page you can take advantage of Yelp to create direct relationships with your customers. Here’s how: 

Step 1) Head to biz.yelp.com 

Step 2) Select "Manage my free listing"

Step 3) Sign in or add your business details

Step 4) Once on your page, add your program link 

Where do I find my program link?

  • Go to your Campaign Center at business.fanbank.com
  • Click on the card that says “Program Materials”
  • Scroll mid way down the page and click “Copy link”
  • Then return to Yelp and paste the link on your page.

How do I claim my Yelp page?

Questions? connect@fanbank.com


Source: Business2Community