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How to Use Seasonal Events to Drive Enrollments and Sales

Seasonal events are a proven way to boost profit and attract customers year-round. The Harvard Business Review says customers are up to 3x more likely to purchase from an event-specific promotion. Your program comes with dozens of campaigns for any event, from the 4th of July, to Halloween, Small Business Week, and many more.

Here’s how you’ll be ready to go for an event in just minutes: 

Step 1) Head to the Campaign Library

Visit business.fanbank.com and head to the Campaign Library directly from your business portal by clicking the “Add Campaign” button. 

Step 2) Select your business goal

Choose from the sections on the homepage. For a seasonal event, choose that box - but at any time, you can select a different campaign for whatever else it may be that you want to run. If you don’t see a campaign here that you want, click “Build Your Own” at the bottom.

Step 3) Select your campaign

Find the campaign for the event you want to promote and request edits if you want them - different dollar amounts, gift card brands, dates of run, you name it. 

Step 4) Create it

Simply click “Submit” and you’re done!

Within one business day, your campaign will be ready to promote! Head back to your Campaign Center and print what you need for in-person use, post directly to your social channels, or send an email straight to your list of fans. 

Then, when the next event is near, just come back and do it again! The best performing businesses promote events every 6 weeks or so. If at any time you don’t see the campaign you want, send us a request.

Questions? connect@fanbank.com 


Source: Harvard Business Review