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Using Your Materials - Brick & Mortar Businesses

Follow these simple steps to maximize customer enrollments in your store.

Did you know that 91% of shoppers are influenced by in-store promotions? The end of one sale is the beginning of your next sale, in fact it can be the beginning of a lifetime of them if you use your checkout to drive your program enrollments.

Here’s how to maximize the number of enrollments from your valuable in-store space:

Step 1) Turn your point of sale into a profit center

Your point of sale is where you have the highest customer engagement. Use your handout cards and/or your table tent or poster here to get customers to start thinking about their next purchase.

Rates of handout cards may vary, but designs like yours that include QR codes can convert as high as 25%. Handing out 20 should result in up to 5 enrollments, and you can always print out more to keep the momentum going.

Do everything you can to hand them out directly or stack your handout cards in a place customers can grab and take them. Giving out bags? That’s where the enrollment is - staple a card to a receipt or drop it in your bag. 

Plus, you want to fold your table tent and place it next to your terminal or add a poster. Put the poster in a plastic stand if you have one or you can find one commonly available at Staples or elsewhere online.

Step 2) Hang your poster in your windows or glass doors

Window displays influence customers 24% of the time, so this prime real estate is one of your best bets to get you on the path to increasing profit through enrollments.

Step 3) Place posters or table tents in high traffic areas

You know your space, so identify the high traffic areas. Tables? Counters? Mirrors? Go to where their eyes are to grab their attention.


If at any time you run out of printed materials, just head to your Campaign Center  to print more. 

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